I, ______________________________ (name of child)  , on this day_____________  (date) , have

asked to get a pet _____________________________
(type of pet requested) .  I know that if I do 

get to have a pet ____________________________ 
(type of pet requested)  that I will have to help

to take care of it everyday.


_____________________________ (Mommy and/or Daddy)    told me that I will have to help with

(task child is to help with),  and  ______________________ ,   ______________________, 

and ______________________ my pet everyday. 


My _____________________________ (Mommy and/or Daddy)  told me that if I donít help them like

I said I would, that they might take my pet back.  
I promised that I will do what they said I need

to do to get to have a pet _____________________________
(type of pet)

______________________________         ____________________________             _________
    Childís Signature                                     Parentís Signature                                    Date