I, ______________________________ (name of child),  on this day____________________ (date) , have

asked to get a raise in my weekly allowance.  I already get ______________   every week for

doing my chores.  I will agree to do ________________________________________  
(additional chores 

added to current chore list)
in addition to the chores I already have to do to get my allowance increased.

 I understand that my allowance will be raised to ___________________________  
(new amount of allowance) 

each week if I agree to the extra   chores.      _____________________________  (Mommy and/or Daddy)  
told me that if I donít  do the extra chores that they will not give me the raise for that week.   I also 

know that if I donít do my extra chores for more than ___________________________ 
(length of time i.e.: 2

in a row,  they might take the raise in my allowance  away from me. 


I understand what I am supposed to do to get my extra money each week and I agree to do it.

______________________________         ____________________________             _________
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