I, ______________________________ 
(name of child), on this day_____________________ (date), have

asked to join the  ___________________________ 
(name of team or sport).  I agree to give Mom and/or Dad

all of the information about joining this team.  If I do get to join the team, I know that I will have to

maintain grades of at least________________ 
(grades) and __________________________    (chore 

or other things to be done) 
each night.


_____________________________  (
Mom and/or Dad) told me that I have to agree to these guidelines

if I want  to join the   ________________________ 
(name of team or sport) and if I donít do so,  I may not

get to be a part of  the team any more.  I also agree that if I am allowed to join that I will follow all 

of the rules of ____________________________________________ 
(name of team or sport) and listen to

(the coach or the adult)  who is in charge.

______________________________         ____________________________             _________
    Childís Signature                                     Parentís Signature                                    Date