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Little Learners 

Preschool age is a fun-filled adventure that our children take us on with them.  They are so full of life and ready to take on the world.

They are also very sensitive little ones who don't always understand why they can't help us, or why they can't master a task that they are trying really hard at.  That is where creativity on our part comes in!

For instance, when they are trying really hard to put their shoes on, it can be frustrating!  You can help it be more fun and less stressful for them by using a marker.  Put smiley faces on the inside sole of each shoe. Tell your child that when the faces are smiling at each other, that's when their shoes are on the right feet!  And, when they want to help you around the house, you can get an old white sock.  Draw a face on it and have them put it over their hand as a puppet.  The puppet can then go around the house and eat dust!  It's fun for them and helps them feel like the are big "momma's helpers."

There are two more ideas I'd like to mention for our tender, small ones.  When you need to leave them, whether it's with a baby-sitter or at preschool, it can be hard on them.  Put lipstick on and kiss the back of their little hands.  Tell them that your kisses will be with them all day long!  That can bring a big smile to a little tearful face.

And as we all know, little bumps and bruises can be very traumatic for our children.  Find a lotion bottle and decorate it with fun stickers and designs.  Then label it "Hurt Cream."  It can sure make those owies and their hurt hearts feel a whole lot better.

Enjoy this time with your little learner.  Enjoy the tenderness of it all before it leaves you as quickly as it came.

About the Author

Dionna Sanchez is mom to one teenager and two "little learners." She is Editor of Emphasis On Moms at

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