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Toy Storage

Oh, to be able to organize your child's toys and store them neatly!  You are not alone.  Every parent has dealt with this dilemma at one time or another.  Many possibilities for toy storage are available, so don't despair.

Before we discuss some possibilities for toy storage, you might consider some suggestions for controlling the toy population in your home.  By applying some simple principles, you can reduce both your stress and needed storage.

Rotate toys by removing some of the lesser used toys from your child's room.  After a few months, remove others, and replace the first group.  That way, your child will have "new" toys with which to play and will not be bored with their toys.

Eliminate some toys by going through your child's toys, and removing any that your he does not play with on a regular basis.  You could store them temporarily in the garage to see if they are requested.  If not, give them to a homeless or domestic violence shelter for the children who are there. 

Don't buy so many toys to begin with. No child needs three dollhouses or four sets of farm animals!  Consider something besides toys for gifting occasions.

There are many types of toy storage equipment.  Choosing the right kind, can make a big difference.  You can choose from toy boxes, toy chests, boy bins, closet organizers, toy hammocks, and toy carts.  You can purchase these, or in some cases you can build them.

Toy boxes and toy chests come in a variety of styles, so you can easily find a style that will fit with the decor of your child's room.   You can get everything from castles to spaceships to sports related shapes, so it is simply a matter of choosing the one fits your needs.  Make sure it is large enough to hold toys, stuffed animals, crafts, etc.

Be sure the toy box you choose has safety hinges to avoid unintentional closure of the lid on little fingers, hands, or heads.  Toy boxes should never have latches, and if they are large enough for your child to climb in, should have ventilation holes to allow adequate ventilation should your child be inside it with the lid closed.

Another possibility is to use toy storage bins.  Generally, these are open on the top or side for easy access, and can be used to hold a variety of toys, games and other kid stuff!  By using a unit with a number of smaller bins, it is possible to sort and organize similar toys to make them easier to find.

A rolling toy cart with a handle and wheels would allow your child to take their toys to other areas and also to take the cart to the toys for clean up.

Shelves with inexpensive plastic boxes or lined baskets are another popular choice.  Again, using the smaller containers allows toys to be sorted which makes them easier to find without taking all the toys out of the toy box to find the one on bottom!  These can be purchased, or you can build your own unit.  

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