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Instructions for a cute picture frame you and your child can create together for your child's best friend.



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Best Friend Picture Frame

You and your child will have lots of fun together creating a special gift for their best friend. And this crafting project idea allows your child to use their energy in a creative and FUN way!  The Best Friend picture frame is a great crafting project for children of all ages.

Your child will enjoy searching through magazines and catalogs looking for the perfect touches to add to their artwork. The best part is your child help with all aspects of the craft!   We suggest working on this craft on a rainy day or anytime you want to spend some quality time with your child.

All of the materials you and your child will need to create this adorable picture frame can be found at your local craft and hobby or discount store. You probably have most of what you need in your home already.

What will we need?

One plain, inexpensive picture frame
Crafting paint (optional)
Paint brushes
Old Magazines, catalogs and newspapers
White Craft Glue (the kind that dries clear)
Safety Scissors
Clear Coating Paint

How To Begin:

NOTE: The instructions to this cute craft have been simplified so your children can be involved in the whole process, and essentially create the entire frame with little to no assistance (just a little supervision of Mom or Dadís watchful eye.  An adult needs to be sure to remove the glass from the frame.)

TIP: You may want to choose a picture frame that is already colored rather than to paint a frame. This is up to you. If you do decide to paint the frame, complete this portion of the craft before beginning to search through magazines and catalogs. By painting the frame first, it can be drying while you and your child look through the magazines and catalogs. 

1.   With your child, go through old magazines and catalogs and look for words or pictures that remind them of their best friend. 
2.   Cut out any pictures or words that you may want to use in creating this frame. Search for words such as FUN, PARTY, CUTE, SCHOOL, etc. Let your child find things that remind them of their best friend whether it be words or pictures. Both will be great additions to the frame.

TIP: When your child chooses something to add to the frame, ask them why this addition reminds them of their friend.

3.    Look for the words "best friend" or your childís best friendís name. You could also cut out letters to spell these words, choosing letters and placing them in "random" style.  These words will be placed at the top of the "Best Friend Frame" so you may want the words or letters to be large enough to somewhat standout from the rest of the frame.

Once you have enough words and pictures, practice placing them onto the frame in different patterns.

5.   When your child is satisfied with his frameís design, itís time to start gluing! 
6.   It is recommended that you leave all the pieces in place in the pattern you decided on and glue each piece on one at a time. This way the pattern will not be disturbed. With the white craft glue, place a dab of glue onto the back of the word, picture, letter, etc and place onto the frame. You may want to wipe away any excess glue.
7.   Continue with each picture, word, etc that will be placed on the frame until the design is complete. Let the glue dry for about ten minutes.

TIP: While the frame is drying, ask your child to tell you a funny story about their best  friend. 

8.   Using the clear coating (you can use decoupage glue) cover the entire frame and let dry. 

Once the frame has dried your craft is complete! Assist your child in finding a picture of their best friend and themselves and place this picture into the frame. This crafting idea will be a big hit with your childís friends as well as with your child! Make 2 frames and display one in your childís room and give the other as a gift. You donít have to limit this craft to just Best Friends, assist you child in making a frame for their pet or grandparents. This crafting idea and its many variations is guaranteed to provide hours of fun! 

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