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Baby Healthcare Products You'll Need 

There's a lot of little things that can get overlooked when purchasing supplies for your baby until they're needed.  Make sure you pick up the following items to help keep your baby healthy and happy.

Healthcare Accessories 

You'll need a nail clipper set to keep your infant's nails trimmed. Make sure it includes a small set of scissors, nail clippers and emery boards designed specifically for babies. You may also want to get a nasal aspirator, which helps clean the mucus from your infant's nose, especially when they have a cold. This will help them breathe easier.

You'll also need to keep on-hand a soft baby comb and brush set, an infant medicine feeder with measuring cup to give your child medicine when needed or for liquid vitamins, etc. (It comes in very handy!) A couple of optional purchases you may want to also consider would be baby sunglasses and an infant scale. 

Humidifiers & Vaporizers

These are much needed items for the winter months, especially if your baby gets a cold. You'll be very thankful to have one on-hand when it's needed. There are two types available: cool mist humidifiers or warm mist vaporizers.  Both do the same job basically...adding additional moisture to the air to help your child breathe easier. Whichever you choose is a matter of preference.

Pacifiers & Teethers

Pacifiers help to soothe your baby when he or she is cranky or colicky. Mainly, babies like to suck and a pacifier certainly helps. The baby pacifiers that are manufactured today are shaped to ensure the natural development of palate, teeth, and gums of the child.  Teethers are a great help when your baby begins teething. Shaped to look like toys, you can get ones that can also  be thrown into the freezer for nice cool relief when your  baby gums it when teething.


A must have baby product! If your child becomes sick, you need to monitor his or her temperature carefully. If  your baby's temperature gets too high, they can go into  convulsions! There's a huge variety of baby thermometers  on the market today. Some are designed as digital ear  thermometers, where you just slide the tip into the ear  and in less than a minute you have the temperature reading. A new one just out is shaped like a pacifier...making it  easy to take your baby's temperature! You can also choose  an underarm thermometer and there's even a remote fever monitor that allows you to monitor your child's temperature from up to 90 feet away.

Rose Smith, 2004

Rose Smith is the author and publisher of Baby-Care-4u.com an online shopping and information resource for essential baby care products. For more information on baby care, visit:  http://www.baby-care-4u.com

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