Nursery Decor

When decorating your baby's nursery, there are several factors to consider.  Most important is to make sure you have allowed for the the various functions you will need in the baby nursery.  Once you have explored the functions the nursery must perform, you will have a good idea of the needs for your baby nursery.   

Some of the nursery decor functions are: 

Sleep is the obvious function of the nursery.  

Dressing is the second most important function in the nursery.  

Play becomes a more necessary function as your baby grows.  Be sure to allow space for it in your initial plans.  

Cuddling is another function.  This can easily be accomplished by having a space with a rocking chair in the nursery.  If there is not space in the nursery room, you might want to consider putting a rocking chair in the living area of your home.  However, having the cuddling area in the nursery provides a quiet special place for this part of parenting.  You might want to consider having a rocker with a small table to hold pacifiers, bottles, or other necessities while you are rocking baby. 

Storage includes clothing storage, toy storage, and baby gear storage.   If there is a closet in the room, it will serve to store many of the baby items.  Other considerations might be a chest of drawers and a toy chest.  The amount of available space will help determine what you will be able to do.  It might be possible to combine two functions by having a chest with a changing table top, or a bed with drawers under it.

Nursery decor has many elements to consider.   Nursery decor includes baby furniture, baby wallpaper, window treatments, and baby crib sets  to decorate your nursery.  Add to your nursery decor with rugs, wall coverings, cribs, play yards, high chairs, changing table, hamper, monitor, diaper genie, crib bedding, and much more.

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Nursery Decor  Find online sources for all your nursery decor needs.

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