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Nursery Decor 
Find lots of nursery decor ideas!    Nursery decor includes baby furniture, baby wallpaper, window treatments, and baby crib sets  as well as ideas for how to decorate your nursery.  
  Nursery Decor


Fun & Easy Paints for Children

Temper Tantrums

Kids Rooms

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Baby 'n Kids

Baby 'n Kids has baby, kids, pregnancy, and mom resources including nursery decor, parenting, baby gear, baby clothes, kids clothing, toys, baby shower gifts, kids activities, decorating kids rooms, baby supplies, and furniture for baby and kids for the most important job you will ever have.

Make Your Home Safe for Your Kids
Tips for making your home safe for your kids.

Toy Storage Ideas
Oh, to be able to organize your child's toys and store them neatly!  You are not alone.  Every parent has dealt with this dilemma at one time or another.  Many possibilities for toy storage are available, so don't despair.  Toy Storage Ideas

No More "Just a Minute"
Sometimes the lessons we parents learn from our children are the ones that mean the most in life!.  More

Best Friend Picture    
Frame Craft Project

Have lots of fun with your child together creating a special gift for their best friend. And this crafting project idea allows your child to use their energy in a creative and FUN way!

The Best Friend picture frame is a great crafting project for children of all ages. Your child will enjoy searching for the perfect touches to add to their artwork  
Make a Picture Frame Gift


From Cribs to College 
- Creating a Room That Will Grow With Your Child

Keeping up with the latest trends in children's room themes can be expensive and exhausting, especially when trends seem to change as often as the TV channel (from which many themes are spawned!).    Decorate the Kids Room

Kids Activities  Check out all our fun activities for your kids including games, free craft patterns, and more.  
Kid's Activities

Contracts  for Kids!
Being a parent in the 21st century is no easy task!  Life is hectic and most families have both parents working and kids in school, soccer practice, dance class, band practice, football, Scouts .......well, you get the point.

There is only so much you can do in just 24 hours.  Do you ever wish that you had just a few more hours in the day?  Would you like a “short cut”--a way to help you with the craziness of parenting?  Would you like to find something that may leave a little “you time” at the end of the day?  Then there may be something here for you in our  Contracts for Kids 

Kid's Activities



a Boy's Room

Some great ideas without investing your life's savings!

Teach Your Child to Concentrate 
Communicate to your child the importance and a true appreciation of how they concentrate, and how they can use the skill at will to make their lives more enjoyable, productive and successful.  More

Sign with Baby
Use sign language to communicate with baby.

Organize Your Life - Write It Down!

Create a system to keep your life organized, and use it! 

Family Road Trip Fun -- Travel With Kids

Baby Names

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