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Kids Activities

Paints for Your Kids 
Recipes for to make a variety of paints for your kids to use in their activities!

A Homemade Playdough Kit 
This kit contained all of the essential items needed for creative play with this fun substance, and when it was time to play, the kit came out and when playtime was over, away it went until next time.


Fun & Fast Family Portraits 
Making self-portraits and pictures of family, friends, and even pets, is a great way to connect with children (and it's a lot of fun!). There are so many imaginative ways to create a person's image. Try these techniques, then invent some of your own.

Best Friend Picture Frame
Instructions for a cute picture frame you and your child can create together for your child's best friend.

Make Gift Wrapping Paper  
A great activity for kids to personalize those gifts they give their friends.

Paper Cup People -- A Fun Learning Activity for your Preschooler
Making paper cup people and giving each one a name is a great way to  stimulate your preschoolers imagination while encouraging him to pretend first to be an artist, second to be a gardener and third to be a barber.

7 Easy Ideas for Organizing Kids Artwork  
Very often, these masterpieces that your children create are brought home and proudly displayed. But what do you do when all of the artwork begins to take over your home?

Ice Painting 
Unique painting technique for your child. 

Create a Family Album  
A Family Album is a great keepsake for future generations of your family to learn about their ancestors. It is also a great item to create and give as a gift to another family member. Family Albums should include photos and facts on each family member featured in the book.

Free Craft Patterns from Ruby Glen  
Find free craft patterns and links to other sites with free craft patterns.  You will find patterns for kids as well as projects to make things for your kids.

Children and Play
With the guidance and imitation of their caregivers, your children can develop approaches to playtime that will satisfy their needs and allow individualized development.

Kids Toys 

Peddle Cars

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