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A fun activity for your preschooler to learn to pretend and to share.



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Fun Preschool Activity 

Paper Cup People 


Making paper cup people and giving each one a name is a great way to  stimulate your preschoolers imagination while encouraging him to pretend first to be an artist, second to be a gardener and third to be a barber. As he  takes on each of these roles ask him questions about what each of these occupations entail.  Have him tell just what he needed to do to perform  those  jobs and suggest other kinds of activities each of the people might do.  

Let him talk to his paper cup people about what he is doing and what he needs  to do  to help them.  Encourage him to ask the paper cup people what kind of  jobs they have.  You speak for the paper cup people to keep this conversation going.  This kind of pretend conversation will help your child learn to speak comfortably with almost anyone he meets.  He also will have a better understanding of the kinds of jobs artists, gardeners and barbers have.  Pretending is a great way for kids to overcome shyness and to enjoy  talking to  others. 


  • Paper or styrofoam cups 
  • Crayons or magic markers 
  • Potting soil 
  • Grass seed 
  • Water 
  • Safety scissors


1. Have your preschooler draw faces on the cups 

2. Ask him to name each person he has drawn - he can either use made up names or the names of people he knows 

3. Fill each cup with potting soil 

4. Sprinkle grass seed on top - add a little more soil 

5. Water each cup carefully and place in a sunny place

5. Be sure to keep the soil wet and let the grass grow 

6. When the grass is long enough let your child change from being a gardener  to a barber and give each paper cup person a haircut 

7. Print the names of each person on the back of their paper cup 

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Preschool Play is a daily newsletter that features fun, educational activities for parents to do with their 3-5 year old children. 

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