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Design a room that will grow with your child so you don't have to keep replacing the furniture and so it can be easily updated!




From Cribs to College   
- Creating a Room That Will Grow With Your Child

Keeping up with the latest trends in children's room themes can be expensive and exhausting, especially when trends seem to change as often as the TV channel (from which many themes are spawned!). And the thought of buying new furniture with each stage of your child's life has you wondering if their college fund is going in the bank or your local furniture store. 

So give yourself a break! You don't need to invest a lot of money to change your child's room décor as they grow!  Even when your "kittens and puppies" child becomes a "rap and tattoos" teenager! Just start with the basics:
  1. Buy good full-sized wood furniture for the room. The bed sizes can be changed to accommodate a growing child, but the other furniture can be easily made to reflect the tastes of smaller children and need not be downsized.
  1. Paint your child's room instead of using expensive wallpaper. The room will be easier to change and more durable. Create patterns such as stripes or geometric shapes to update the room and give it a bright, cheerful feel.
  2. Choose quality floor coverings which will prove durable under the natural wear it will get in a child's room. Choose neutral colors and avoid patterned coverings that can become quickly dated.
  3. Go wild with the rest! You easily and inexpensively change the accessories in the room to reflect your child's current interests. Among the items you can change:

o Window treatments, tiebacks and rods
o Drawer knobs and pulls
o Wall color
o Wall accessories (posters, clocks, art, shelving, etc.)
o Area rugs
o Bedding and linens
o Storage bins and baskets
o Throw pillows
o Furniture paint

A good room foundation and colorful accessories can turn any child's bedroom into a dream room - whatever age they are!

Pamela Cole Harris is a mother, a writer and an editor with 35 years experience. Visit All Home and Garden.com for more articles by Pamela and additional articles on creating a kid-friendly home. Or visit pamelacoleharris.com for content for your website or e-zine.

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