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Useful Tips for Sleep and Pregnancy   It is not uncommon to grapple with sleep restlessness during pregnancy.  There could be many reasons for these sleep disturbances.  Along with heightened anticipation for your newborn baby, physical and hormonal changes may occur, which could be contributing to your sleeplessness

How the Science of Sound Helps Your Unborn and Newborn Baby  The transition from the womb to the real world is a very challenging time period for our children.  Leaving the womb (where every need and comfort is satisfied on a round-the-clock basis) to a world where the baby must rely upon others to provide her wants and needs, is an abrupt and shocking experience.  Some babies adjust well, while others do not. 

Baby Naming Tips and Considerations  Choosing the name for your baby will probably be one of the most important, exciting and fun things you will do during your pregnancy.  Throughout the pregnancy, many hours will be spent on choosing the baby's name.

How Long Should You Breastfeed?  Unfortunately, the question "how long should a mother nurse her baby?" does not have an easy answer. Advice given by people, whether it's doctors, a breastfeeding counselor or your mother, it is confusing and contradictory.

Pets and New Babies  So you've done everything you need in preparing to bring home your new baby.  You have the nursery decorated, the layette, have chosen a name and decided whether to breastfeed or bottle feed.  One thing you may have forgotten is Fluffy and Rover... your pets.

Getting Your Baby to Sleep  Your baby doesn't pay attention to whether it is day and night. But, when your baby is a few weeks old, you can start teaching them the difference between morning, night, nap time and beddy-bye-time.


Family Road Trip Fun -- Travel With Kids  Find suggestions for making a family trip fun for parents and children!

Children and Play   Before I became a parent, my conception of children at play was simple and perhaps stereotypical.  I imagined the ideal; my child would one day sit and play with his toys, enjoying the different tasks each one presented.

Get Down (On The Floor!)  And Play With Your Children  When was the last time you and your kids rolled  around on the floor together laughing yourselves silly?   If you're like me, it may have been a while.

How to Teach Your Child to Concentrate  Ways to communicate to your child the importance and a true appreciation of how they concentrate, and how they can use the skill at will to make their lives more enjoyable, productive and successful.

Coping With Temper Tantrums  All parents with children have either experienced it or will experience it sooner than they think.  Tantrums!  Every parent has had those little humungous moments when their child screams, kicks, or even drops to the floor.

Little Learners  Preschool age is a fun-filled adventure that our children take us on with them.  They are so full of life and ready to take on the world. 

Paper Cup People -- A Fun Learning Activity for your Preschooler  Making paper cup people and giving each one a name is a great way to  stimulate your preschoolers imagination while encouraging him to pretend first to be an artist, second to be a gardener and third to be a barber. 

Make Gift Wrapping Paper  Make gift wrapping paper with your kids.

Make Your Home Safe for Your Kids    Tips for making your home safe for your kids.


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