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Here are great ideas for making your home safe for your kids to help avoid accidents.
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Your home may be your castle, but how safe is it for your children? If you do not keep to certain basic safety standards when you have young children, your home can be either a prison, or in the worst case scenario, a death trap. 

So what do you need to do to make your home a safe and positive place for little children? 

The very first rule in any home is to put away any substances that are dangerous to little children. That means storing dangerous chemicals such as bleach, ammonia, household detergent, toilet cleaner, and insecticides (to name but a few) right out of your children’s reach. Never keep these things under the kitchen sink as that is extremely accessible, even to babies. You are better off either keeping them in a utility room that is locked at all times or in a top cupboard that is very high up. The same rule applies to medication. Medicines should never be left anywhere that is within a child’s reach, and a child should certainly never be relied upon to administer their own medication.

When choosing furniture in the home, you should also keep your children in mind. For example, when choosing a coffee table, never buy one with sharp edges as little heads are easily banged and bruised on corners. If you purchase a TV cabinet, make sure that it is not the kind of thing that a child can pull over on top of himself, as has happened in a number of freak accidents.

Windows are also places that require a lot of extra safety. Cords of curtains and blinds should never trail or be left within a child’s reach, as some small children enjoy wrapping themselves up in them and have been known to strangle themselves. It is also advisable to fit bars on all of your windows, not only to keep burglars out, but also to keep children inside. This is always important, no matter which floor you live on.

If you have locks on your doors, make sure that you always have a spare set of keys in an accessible place, as young children sometimes have a habit of locking themselves inside rooms. 

At the same time, it is always good to have “child-friendly” furniture and furnishings. For example, you could buy a set of small plastic chairs and a low table for your children to sit at when they are playing or doing arts and crafts. This is safer and more comfortable for them when they are playing. You could also consider buying a set of rugs. A soft wool flokati rug is a safe, warm place for your baby to play. Soft rugs next to the sofa provides a good landing place if your child rolls off. 

Safety in the home makes a huge difference to the family’s quality of life. Knowing that your family is safe and well adds to the feeling of harmony and relaxation in the home, and you will also be less worried about your children’s wellbeing. 



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